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Hi John,

About 20 years ago I started to realize that I felted sharper post exercise.
I thought it was just the endorphin effect. I am so grateful to you for writing the Brain Uses Guide and now Spark. Both for these books have helped me personally and professionally. It truly sparked an intellectual pursuit within myself. As an exercise physiologist I started to think in terms of learning new task as building connection both internally and externally. Professionally I have pushed for A.M.aerobic based programs for children for almost 20 years. The problem was that some educator with a PhD got in my way.
Your book is helping me to open minds of these PhDs.

My own spin on Spark is besides turning on the neuro circuitry of the brain, is that it must have a profound positive effect on circadian rhythms. My take is that people who exercise in the A.M. have better sleep cycles. Students report that they are sleeping better. I see positive mood changes. I feel that Spark ought to become the main frame in education .

Best Regards
Jim Coyne

Hi John:

What a fabulous book. You and Ned Hallowell are tops. I'm recommending your book to everybody in my classes--and have been recommending Delivered from Distraction since it came out.

But I just don't get how my brain is wired? I keep wanting exercise to help the ADHD. I really do believe you and the others but instead exercise gets me way off track--as if I wasn't already--very tired and wanting to eat everything in the house. What gives? And exercising with other peoople makes me really crazy. Even more distracting.


Thanks for a great book. I heard about it on The Brain Science Podcast and immediately ordered a book to be sent over to the UK. BTW, have you seen the research on Ultimate Frisbee players? I believe it's only correlational; however, in college these athletes score consistently in the 'good' half of the bell curve on a number of classroom performance indicators. Apologies, but I don't have a reference.

Elia, the references are posted in a Zip file on under resources. Enjoy!! I soon will be updating more data about mood and exercise.

I heard you on Dennis Praeger's show recently, and bought your book immediately. I just bought another 16 to give to teachers and principals at my children's schools, in the hope of recruiting them to the type of New PE programs described in your Naperville experience. Do you have a bulk discount or softcover printing of Spark available yet?
I am becoming an evangelist. My middle child is a special needs boy, aged 15, and this week we will begin an experiment with him based on your research. Thank you for the excellent information and your presentation is very easy to understand for the layman.
Kindest Regards,
Merideth Tall

Dear John:Met you in Florida a few years back and attended your session on the User's guide. SPARK is wonderful. Do you have the references posted somewhere? Anyway should be a great deal of help with some of the challenging kids we deal with on a daily basis. Thanks.

Hey John, I wanted to mention the remarkable, truly astounding impact your work will hopefully have in the arena of education.
I hope schools and parents all over the country wake up to the infectious energy and cooperative attitudes gained in seeing exercise as fitness which can involve random selection for sport activities, exercize options within the classroom, and the mentoring--all of which, and more--could make for a different notion of community for our children and theirs, so they feel a crucial part of the learning experience. It's exciting to hear about and I hope we can all be part of its spread.

I recommend the movie "Mad Hot Ballroom", a docoumentary about a compulsory ballroom dancing program in the New York City school system. It is a magical film in which youngsters' lives are transformed, by the discipline, the inspired teachng and thrill of the whole program. The film also made me appreciate what those kids--and many others-- have to add to our lives, what they might teach us, and how we all might learn from one another.
There are many problems to fix and face in our world but dancing can only help. And all of the physical styles of learning and creating, may they all be revived in all our schools because they are too crucial to ignore.
May your book dance into people's minds and hearts.
Carol Smaldino,

Hello John,

I truly enjoyed your keynote talk at the recent Learning and the Brain conference. It has been the center of much discussion here at my school. Would it be possible to get your Powerpoint (or slides) to share with my colleagues?

I'm really looking forward to the release of your book.

Thank you

Hi John-saw you--and chatted with Nancy--at L/B preconference presentation. You mentioned that your power point would be posted on your website in a week or so. Can't find it despite joining--or at least trying to join--look forward to seeing it appear and hearing how i can access it.


Interesting and informative presentation at November L/B conference. Talked to you after your November presentation regarding the pilot program we have implemented at our high school based on the some of the concepts/principles of your presentations and PE4Life program. Will keep your updated if results are positive/promising.

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