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Ex smoker here. I run 3x20mins a day and YES it controls the cravings.

This is my candle in the darkness :-)


I am a personal fitness trainer. Spark is great affirmation to my intuition about the benefits of exercising, especially cardiovascular activities. Unfortunately, incorporating regular CV exercise into lifestyle is a great challenge for most. I believe its due to the lack of proper influence. CV exercise it not exactly a typical subject discussed among people at lunch. Thank God for positive influences such as Spark to come along to help leverage change.

The British have actually been far ahead of us here in the US at least in theory and in law. Their National Health Service in 2001 set up a mechanism for Exercise Referral and recommended it as the first treatment for people presenting with depression. There are programs set up for referring depressed patients and training for physicians and personal trainers to help engage and keep people exercising. This may not be instituted in practice as much as the intention is there, but the move to be “on the move” at least has been discussed as a way to start dealing with depression and other mental health problems.

Thank you for these insights on the the brain benefits of exercise. I really liked your explanation of the need to release the fight or flight toxins built up by stress. It makes sense that exercise that simulates fight or flight would release these stress hormones. I am encouraged to try it!

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