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Thanks for sharing this article. I teach Kindergarten and though I have believed in the importance of physical activity to learning, I now have some research to back my rationale to implement at least 20 minutes per day of aerobic activity. I am going to search for some supplemental to jogging, jump ropes and kids aerobic dance dvd's so that I can keep students engaged and into incorporating exercise as a lifelong habit! I love the ideas of using stationary bikes, dance dance revolution type games etc, but how does one get the money for these? Time to explore grants and put a bug in my principal's ear. Thanks so much for your blog.

To make a long story short, 12 years ago, I got promoted at an "higher management" job. At 29, I was managing a 400 millions dollar plant...And then after 10 years at this job, I hit the wall big time. It was terrible. I was so nervous that I always had this feeling I would brake in two pieces.

I now realised that I went to fare to fast. But adding to this, being overweight and REALLY sedendary I was not fit at all to take the stress. I always had confidence that I had the intellect to hold such a postion but I just could not do it anymore.

And then and old mantor suggested that I should exercise and exercise hard to "burn the stress" I did not believe it. But when I read Spark and saw all the chemistry behind exercise...as and engeneer ( yes I like science and numbers)I had to surrender and I decided to try it.

GOD! Everything changed after the firts weeks of intensive exercise. Don't ask me why, but I was back on the race. This time though I had worked out some personnal issues and I got to know myself. But adding to this, the machinery ( my body) was following. Blood pressure started to fall and my sleep was getting better.

What medication was I taking? NOTHING!Just a big bowl of fresh aire 45 minutes a day at 140-175 heartbeats per minute.

Sir keep on the good work!!!! We should have much more scientist like you!

Fabulous book, SparK. Mr. Ratey what is your own fitness program?

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